Fish2Fork participates at the ETHPorto conference

Fish2Fork took part in ETHPorto (March 16-18, 2023) - an independently organized event on Web3 with a Conference, Workshops and Hackathon running in parallel. This event brought together Web3 enthusiast, companies and start-ups, where Fish2Fork was able to spread awareness about blockchain technology applications to fish supply chain networks. 


Figure 1 - PhD researcher Ulpan Tokkozhina presenting Fish2Fork and introducing the team

The two day conference (March 16-17, 2023) had a broad spectrum of speakers from different companies and projects, involved in various fields - from agriculture and fishery to public goods and decentralize science.

Figures 2 and 3- ETHPorto event venue at Hardclub Porto (March 16, 2023)

Fish2Fork participation at the conference was highlighted by the presentation of a PhD researcher Ulpan Tokkozhina, it took place on March 17th, during the afternoon. Ulpan presented one of the ongoing research that is focused on a frozen fish supply chain that is piloting blockchain technology. This is a real case study that Fish2Fork researchers Ulpan Tokkozhina, Ana Lucia Martins and Joao C.Ferreira are investigating. This research includes a multi-tier supply chain, where our Fish2Fork team is exploring whether blockchain adoption brings additional value not only from the perspectives of the supply chain business entities, but also from the views of final consumers that purchase frozen fish products. 

Figure 4 - PhD researcher Ulpan Tokkozhina presenting an ongoing study of multi-tier fish products supply chain

On behalf of Fish2Fork project, our team is grateful for the invitation to take part in such an important event for Web3 and disruptive technologies enthusiasts. We are looking forward to keep spreading awareness about the importance of novel technologies in business context and share our results with the public.

Fish2Fork - Improving skills and competencies for monitoring the fisheries process up to the final customer

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