Visiting Campus Kristiansund on August 25 2022 - Fish2Fork Week in Molde

    Fish2Fork project seeks to promote the development and sharing of competences within the fish sector, at all stages of the process, from production to supply. In this sense, it was sought that the Portuguese researchers had access to a Norwegian technology company focused on aquaculture. The company selected was Flatsetsund, located in Kristiansund, an innovative engineering company that has been working with the main national fishfarms in recent years.

    The researchers were received by the company's CEO and former engineer, Lars Georg Backer, who provided a guided tour of the facilities and presented the main projects they were currently developing. 

Figure 1 - Visit to Flatsetsund. Lars Georg Backer speaking

    Their main concerns were plagues and their combat (and anticipation), thus the disinfestation mechanisms have improved over the years, and the process of its latest product was explained in detail: how the fish is extracted in fishfarms at sea, the disinfestation procedure through pressure, the delivery of the animals in a previously cleaned tank and the discharge of the pathogenic agents in a place away from the production, in order to erradicate them. The CEO also explained that they seek to provide an exact amount of the animals in the tanks, information that is obtained by cameras incorporated within the disinfestation system. However, due to the position of the fish when they pass through this machine, the system presents some errors in the final results, a problem that is being addressed using new technologies that are emerging in the market.

Figure 2 - Visit to Flatsetsund

    In the interest of providing differentiated and specialized services, the company acquired 3D printers to be able to build pieces with the maximum accuracy, in terms of size, proportion and cut. This mechanical aid is in line with the ideas defended by Portuguese researchers; that technology brings about advantages and celerity that can (should!) be used to make aquaculture and its entire industry more efficient.

    After this visit, the Portuguese team went to the Kristiansund’s University, where students Ulpan Tokkozhina and Ana Rita Pires, along with Professor João Carlos Ferreira, were invited to share their research work in the area of fish farming with bachelor marine biology students. The presentations were followed by an exchange of ideas and questions by the audience, who appreciated the relevant topics brought by the speakers.

Figure 3 - Presentation at Kristiansud's University by Ulpan Tokkozhina

Figure 4 - Presentation at Kristiansud's University by Ana Rita Pires

Figure 5 - Presentation on the potencial of using Data by Professor João Carlos Ferreira

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